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Catherine Tate: Not Drunk Enough.

We love Catherine Tate from her funny, brave, touching performances as Donna Noble on the new Doctor Who series. She’s also got a very funny TV show of her own. Watch with caution: This video made us snort milk out of our noses.

Obligatory feminist musing: Would this still be funny if the characters’ sexes were reversed?


Target Women: Botox

Express yourself by injecting a neurotoxin in your face, paralyzing those little problem areas!

Originally from current.com

Feeding Your F_ing Family

Sarah Haskins’ “Target Women,” on Mom and Food.

Originally on current.com

Why didn’t anyone tell us how cute we were?

We’ve been enjoying Joy Nash’s “Fat Rants” for some time now, and love this new one called “Staircase Wit.” It’s the kind of wit where you find yourself coming up with the perfect comeback…after you don’t need it any more, when you are are your way down the staircase on the way out. Her video shows that humor is a way to respond to meanness, and the way to hone your humor is to practice! Assholes are pretty predictable, and when they trot out the same ol’ crap, you can have a polished response ready to fly.

Her first Fat Rant

Fat Rant 2 : Confessions of the Compulsive

Joy Nash’s Blog

“Maude’s Desperate Hours”

Bea Arthur starred in the TV series “Maude” as Maude Findlay for 141 episodes, from 1972-1978. It was considered radical for its time. A strong, funny woman character in her 50s leading a sitcom would be unheard of today.

This particular episode excerpt is from Season 5, Episode 110 “Maude’s Desperate Hours” The first season is available on DVD – let Sony know you would like the whole series to be!

There is a fan site here, http://www.beatricearthur.com/, they also run a Yahoo group. The Bea Arthur Internet Movie Database page is here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0037735/

Heather Gold Subverts Makeup

Heather Gold's logo

“I got an F in girl”

Check out geek comedian and video blogger Heather Gold as she muses on
makeup and self-image.


Mocking the Wedding Industry

Our hero Sarah Haskins is back!

(original video here: http://current.com/e/88988193, Word Press is only allowing us to embed videos from a small number of sites, such as You Tube)