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Republicans for Rape

Republicans for Rape
Who says rape can’t be funny? This blog http://www.republicansforrape.org/ addresses the US Congress’ brave attempt to protect defense contractors from being forced to enter the legal system when their employees rape other employees.


How to Victimize Yourself Before Others Victimize You!

We’ve all heard lots of “how to avoid rape” advice for women, much of which seems to be intended to shift all responsibility for sexual assault to us, instead of those who are actually doing the assaulting. Rainbow Girl, International Feminist of Mystery, has a blog post up that skewers this “safety” advice.

Here’s a sample of advice given (in black), and RG’s colorful responses:

2) Trust your instincts. Women are very intuitive. Yes, actually women have magical animal instincts because they are genetically closer to vampires/bats than humans. That’s why we don’t allow them full human rights. You know how an ordinary flower looks different to a bee because the bee can see the ultraviolet colours? Women are like that. Bad men have RAPIST written in a colour called ultraviolator, which women can see if they look really hard. If you think a situation might be dangerous then it probably is. Of course, as a woman you are conditioned to assume that every situation is dangerous, so you’d best just stay indoors and marry a powerful but house-ridden military man who can defend you 24 hours a day. After all, man is woman’s best defense against men. That little guardian angel should be trusted rather than ignored. Oh yes, and if individual men won’t come to your aid, there’s a Big Man in the sky who totally will. Ask Rwanda.

Visit the Team Rainbow blog for more incisive and very funny feminist commentary. You might also be interested in purchasing Rainbow Girl’s self-published comic book, Rainbow Girl Stars in SEXY WAR – it’s for a great cause, with all proceeds donated to Umoja Uaso Kenyan Women’s Village.