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Catherine Tate: Not Drunk Enough.

We love Catherine Tate from her funny, brave, touching performances as Donna Noble on the new Doctor Who series. She’s also got a very funny TV show of her own. Watch with caution: This video made us snort milk out of our noses.

Obligatory feminist musing: Would this still be funny if the characters’ sexes were reversed?


Kristen Schaal

Thanks to beefybetty for sending us another excellent link, this time to hyper-kinetic standup comedian and Daily Show semi-regular Kristen Schaal. You can see some of her clips here: http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/?searchterm=schaal

We particularly love the “Hosting Duties” episode, in which Schall takes over the hosting duties when Jon Stewart is gone to the bathroom. She nicely skewers the ghettoization of “women’s” issues as a fringe topic in popular media. Here’s an excerpt:

Schall: “And now, we turn to the Daily Show’s senior men’s correspondent, Jon Stewart. Have a seat, John and feel free to talk about men’s issues, OK? But don’t expect to be on the show more than every 4 to 12 weeks.

We are living in a new America and I.AM.LOVING.IT!”

(Jon sinks slowly into the guest chair)

Schall: “How’s it feel?”

Stewart (looking down): “Small…”

Kristen Schaal pwns Jon Stewart

Kristen Schaal pwns Jon Stewart